Prototype Test - Full Belli Deli & Sausage Co.

What is the web address of the prototype?

Click here to view the prototype

Who, What?

I tested my prototype with the same two people I did for the User Research Assignment.

I tested users’ ability to find and view the menu and prices at Full Belli Deli, which is the task I created the task model for.

The Good?

My users really liked that the Menu is the very first link in the main navigation and required no searching whatsoever. Overall they like the home page layout with the big sandwich feature image. They said it was a very clean look and not over complicated.

They really got excited about the food options and how well everything is organized in the wireframe/prototype. They are looking forward to eating at Full Belli Deli next time we pass through Townsend.

The Areas for Improvment?

My users really did not have anything to mention in regards to improvement. I think they viewed the prototype as a work in progress and not the finished product so they didn't express any criticism.

Post-test Questionnaire/Survey

Survey Results

The unexpected?

I did not receive any feedback that was unexpected.