Discovery Assignment - Full Belli Deli & Sausage Co.

Business Needs

What business needs are driving this project?

Full Belli Deli & Sausage Co. located in Townsend, MT is a small town sandwich and sausage shop. Currently, they do not have an existing website. They rely on their Facebook page for their web presence. This website will increase exposure to not only locals in Townsend, MT, but also to visiting guests that are traveling through Townsend to recreate at Canyon Ferry Reservoir or tourists traveling through the area for other fishing and outdoor activities.

If this is successful, what will be the impact on business?

More accesibility for potential customers as well as more exposure on the web.

What is the revenue model for this product?

This product will serve as a means to bring in additional revenue, promote local business, and attract visiting traffic.


User 1 - Tourists

Tourists will use this site to find lunch on the go. Full Belli Deli is literally the only "fast food" in Townsend, MT, but without online exposure they won't know about it prior and target it.

User 2 - Locals

Locals in southwest Montana will use the site to look for lunch on their way up to recreate on Canyon Ferry Reservoir, or to spend the day fly fishing the Missouri River.


Tasks and Scenarios



Success Measures

The owners of Full Belli Deli will measure success via Google Analytics. Particularly how many unique visits the site gets once live.


The owners of Full Belli Deli feel they have no competition as they are the only "fast food" restaurant in Townsend. There are a few sit down restaurants, but none that offer lunch on the go.


As of now, I do not see any red flags. I think the owners goals are reasonable and accomplishable.