Card Sort Assignment - Full Belli Deli & Sausage Co.

Card Sort Findings

I decided to go with an open sort methodology so that users could define their own categories. I felt if I did a closed sort, it would make the users behave how I wanted them to, and I really wanted them to be unrestricted.

Participant #3 had only 2 categories, and although I don’t disagree with the groupings, I still feel some items should have been broken out into smaller categories.

Participant #1 created a ‘Product Information’ category. I agree with the items in the category however, I do know my client is wanting a separate page for the sausage information. I also think the content of ‘Pizza Information’ and ‘Sandwich Ingredients’ should be close by to the Pizzas and Sandwiches. I just think that makes a lot sense.

Lastly, Participant #2 I think did a pretty good job overall. The one thing I thought was a little odd was creating a category for Drinks and then adding ‘Beverages’ to it. It’s only one card in the category and I really don’t think Drinks need to be separated out given my use case.

Other than the above, I think the users thought process aligns well with what I currently have in my head. I do think the card sort process will be incredibly helpful in organizing content and navigational links in future projects with more content.

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